Product informations

Traditional Check #1

Traditional tartan check tie accented styling.
Unisex Kersey vest with bordeaux piping is cool chic.

Unisex Vest(55309-99)Black ¥16,000+tax
Shirt(54360-99) White ¥6,900+tax
Pants(52102-99) Black ¥14,500+tax
Tie(58307-29) Check ¥1,200+tax

Total Price ¥40,800+tax

Other recommendation for this styling
Mens Vest(55125-99) BlackXcheck ¥14,000+tax
Ladies Vest(55225-29) Check ¥13,500+tax
W Wrap Culottes (52224-29) Check ¥15,300+tax
Ribbon Tie(58201-29) Check ¥3,500+tax
Tie(58307-29) Check ¥3,500+tax

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