Privacy Policy

The Boston Group ( BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd., BON UNI Osaka Co., Ltd., BON UNI Fukuoka Co., Ltd., BON UNI Apparel Co., Ltd., and Uniform Plaza Tokyo Co., Ltd.. Hereinafter, “the Group.” ) conducts proper management of personal information collected and held (primarily information received from customers) in accordance with the following personal information protection policy.

Compliance with laws
In handling personal information, the Group complies with laws and other norms and standards that are applied to the protection of personal information.
Obtaining of personal information
The Group obtains personal informations from customers ( For example : Name, Address, Sex, Phone number, Email address, Mobil phone number, Company name, Group name, Department or sector name, Job titles, Work address, etc ) in an appropriate manner, in accordance with laws and internal regulations and standards.
Management of personal information
The Group handles personal information cautiously and in an appropriate manner, in accordance with laws and internal regulations and standards. To that end, we have established a management system for the protection of personal information that matches the actual conditions of our business operations, and put effort into ensuring thorough dissemination and awareness among all staff members of the Group.
Useage of personal information
The Group use personal information only for the purpose provider agrees for.
  1. Sending mail magazine, answer to the questions.
  2. Guidance of our products.
  3. Further follow up / Improvement of our services.
  4. We will contact you for a permission to use your personal information outside of agreed purposes.
Provision of personal information to third parties
The Group does not provide or disclose personal information to third parties, except in cases where consent has been obtained from the customer or where we are required to do so under personal information protection laws.
Disclosure and delete request of personal information
The Group will response as soon as possible for the request to disclose, correct, delete, stop useage with provided personal information.