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Please read the following terms of use and privacy policy carefully before using our website. Please note that by using the website, you indicate that you accept and agree to abide by all the terms of use. The terms of use are subject to changes without prior notice, so please check that you have read the most updated version.

Linking to the website

Please notify BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. if you wish to set up links to our website.
Please set URL for link with : Please be aware that we may change or cancel this URL without prior notification.
The setting up of links to our website may be rejected depending on the contents of the website of the link source and the linking method, such as the use of the link for commercial purposes, the use of frames, and use that excludes some of the contents on this website.


The contents provided on this website (including text, images, and programs) are protected under the copyright acts, as well as relevant treaties and laws of each country. Unauthorized use, duplication or reprint of contents provided on this website without prior written consent from BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. is strictly prohibited.


The trademark “BONUNI” published on this website, as well as the names of the brands, products and services of BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd., are trademarks or registered trademarks of BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. or the Boston Group. Useage of any trademarks without a signed agreement on paper with us is strictly prohibited.

Notification concerning the use of images of models

The use of the various uniform catalogs produced and published by BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd., as well as of the images of models used on our website (hereinafter, “images of models, etc.” that also includes catalog covers) is licensed only to our company. Unauthorized use of these materials by third parties (acts that include the reprinting of materials containing images from the catalogs, or the reprinting after processing of the images through means such as masking, screening, blurring, cutting off parts of the portrait, etc.) is prohibited, regardless of the format that the materials are distributed in.
Please notify our sales representative if you wish to use the images of the products, etc. of our company.
As the terms of use are strictly regulated as aforementioned, please note that use of the materials based on your preferred conditions and terms may not be permitted. Image data for use on the web will be provided upon receipt of your signature and seal. Please ensure that you abide by the expiry date for the use of the materials.
In the event of unauthorized use of the images of models, etc. published in our catalogs, the model / talent agency will take legal action against the user(s). By stipulating this clearly in this Site Policy, we advise users to practice extreme caution in using the images of models, etc. BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. shall not be held responsible should legal action be taken against the user(s) in the event of future unauthorized use.

  1. The acts that infringe the property, intellectual property, assets, copyrights of third party or us, or the act that might infringe.
  2. The acts that cause disadvantage, financial loss, damages to third party or us, or the act that might cause them.
  3. The acts that damage honor or trust of third party or us, or the act that might cause damages.
  4. The acts against public order and morals, or the act that might against them.
  5. The acts to be tied to a criminal act or a crime, or the act that might link to them.
  6. The acts of false declaration, performing the false notification such as register other person's email address.
  7. The acts for the purpose of profit, or any operation to prepare the profitable acts.
  8. The acts to use or offer the harmful programs such as computer viruses, or the act that might cause them.
  9. Any other acts in violation of a law, laws and ordinances or the regulations, or the act that might cause them.
  10. Any other acts that we judge as an inappropriate.

BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any trouble, loss, or damage arising out of the use of this website or the information published on this website. BOSTON-SHOKAI Co., Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any software or hardware trouble or breakdown arising out of the use of this website. Please note that the information, addresses, and other material published on this website are subject to changes without prior notice.

Governing law and court of competent jurisdiction

Use of this website and the interpretation and application of these terms of use are governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise stated. All disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this website shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance, unless otherwise stated.

Representation of colors and textures

The colors and textures displayed on the screen may differ from the actual product depending on your Internet environment. Please check the samples or actual products before placing your order.

Additional note

In the case of modification of above conditions, we will notify you in this page. If there are any exceptional conditions about private information on our website, The policy in this page will be prior.