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Our mission

Creativity & Ideas

Our founder's signature Boston bag that carried his creativity and suggestions to the clients.
He chose 'Boston' as company name to keep moving forward, to not forget his spirit beyond time.
Let uniforms express true essence of hospitality of the people who wears them.
Bonuni brands were born from this philosophy.
We will continue our journey to create truly authentic, timeless, and stylish uniforms.

President Hiroshi Yonezawa

Our Brands

    Brand concept is ' Hotel uniform with grace and innovation ' . City Hotels, Urban Resorts, or Luxury Resorts are always in the constant evolution process with time and era. We offer the uniforms with the authenticity and elegance with a hint of innovative spirit.

  • Bon Joyful

    Brand concept is ' Absolute comfort ' and ' Trendy & lively spirit '. Food service industry is the place where generation long skills are handed over yet keep evolving with modern consumer's taste. Restaurants, Cafes, Bars .. Or Catering & Take Out and Souvenir shops .. Our items can add lightful energy into your place.

  • B-Spa

    Brand concept is 'Uniform for Hotel Spa & Beauty Salon with classic beauty and sophistication '. There is a strong sense of healing when you spend time in spa. It's a temporary excitement yet still can be very a special experience that one can remember for a long time. Our B-Spa collection support you to create truly magical time in style for your customers.

  • Wa-no-Kaze (Japanese Style)

    Brand concept is ' New-Japanese style that mixed tradition and modernity in free style '. Wa-No-Kaze brand's ' Traditional series' is based on pure Japanese traditional wear that handed down from ancient eras, then we transformed them into uniforms. ' Modern series ' is our new breed that mixed our traditional theme with western clothing concept. Japanese food culture is the world recognized legacy and it's market is keep expanding. We create new impressions in this ever evolving industry with delicate yet glamorous design.

  • B2

    Our youngest brand for free spirited, witty, trendy atmosphere places. From luxury chic to futuristic mode. We have large inventory to response for your needs.

Company Information

Company name:BOSTON SHOKAI Co.,Ltd.
Adress:Zip 236-0002
12-53, Torihama-cho, kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
TEL 045(769)0141
FAX 045(769)0151
Founded year:1965, April
Capital:JPY 24,000,000
President:Hiroshi Yonezawa
Business:Uniform design, Planning,
Wholesale, Trading, Distribution, Export
Registered Trademarks:BONUNI
● By Car ●
Syuto-Kosoku-Wangansen(Bayshore Route)→
Exit at Sugita I.C or Namiki I.C → 1.5m drive on Kokudo 357 ( Take National route 357 ).
●By Train / Bus ●
JR Keihin-Tohoku-Negishi Line, Shinsugita station → Take a Yokohama City Bus 61line ( Immigration office direction )→ Off at ' Torihamacho-Higashi ' Bus stop → 3 minutes walk.
Kanazawa Sea Side Line, Torihama Station → 9 minutes walk.
Name:BOSTON SHOKAI Co.,Ltd. Sapporo Office
Adress:Zip 060-0041
North City Hunari Building 202
Ohdori Higasi, Chuoo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
TEL 011(209)1750
FAX 011(209)1751
● By Car ●
Sasson Expressway → Exit at Sapporo Kita I.C → 20minutes drive.
Doo freeway → Exit at Kitago I.C → 25minutes drive.
● By Train / Bus ●
City subway Tozai-Line → Bus center station No.10 exit → 5 minutes walk.
Name: BONUNI Osaka Co.,Ltd.
Adress: Zip 541-0056
Hunaba Grand Building
3-4-30, Kyutaro-cho, Chuoo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
TEL 06(6245)5801
FAX 06(6245)9617
● By Car ●
Hanshin Expressway No.13 Higashi-Osaka Line → Awaza Exit → 8 minutes drive.
Hanshin Expressway Kanjo Line → Shinano-Bashi Exit → 8 minutes.

★ If you come by a car ★
Please accept our apology to inform you that our building doesn't have extra parking space for visitors.
Please park your car at the nearby car park rental space.
Parking price is 300-800 Yen per hour.

● By Train ●
Subway Chuo-Line or Sakaisuji-Line → Sakaisuji Honcho Station, No.11 Exit → 7 minutes walk.
Subway Midosuji Line or Chuo-Line or Yotsubashi-Line → Honcho Station, No.12 Exit → 3 minutes walk.
● By Bus ●
City Bus 103 Line, Osaka station - Nanba route → Kitakuho-ji → 8 minutes walk.
City Bus 103 Line, Nanba - Osaka station route → Minamikuho-ji → 12 minutes walk.
Name: BONUNI Fukuoka Co.,Ltd.
Adress: Zip 810-0012
2-3-8, Siragane , Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka
TEL 092(531)6262
FAX 092(531)6250
● By Car ●
10 minutes drive from JR Hakata station.
● By Train ●
Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line, Nishitetsu Hirao station → 8 minutes walk or
Yakuin-station → 8 minutes walk.
Name: BONUNI Apparel Co.,Ltd.
Adress: Zip 036-8061
2-2-8, Kanda, Ooaza, Hirosaki, Aomori
TEL 0172(36)9323
FAX 0172(35)0506
● By Car ●
Tohoku Expressway → Kuroishi Exit or Oowani Hirosaki Exit
→ 25minutes drive.
● By Train ●
JR Ou Main Line → Naijoshi station → 25minutes walk.
Name: Uniform Plaza Co.,Ltd.
Adress: Zip 236-0002
12-53, Torihama-cho, kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
TEL 045(769)0147
FAX 045(769)0157
● By Car ●
Syuto-Kosoku-Wangansen ( Bayshore Route ) → Exit at Sugita I.C or Namiki I.C →
1.5m drive on Kokudo 357 ( Take National route 357 ).
● By Train / Bus ●
JR Keihin-Tohoku-Negishi Line, Shinsugita station →Take a Yokohama City Bus 61line ( Immigration office direction ) → Off at ' Torihamacho-Higashi ' Bus stop →3 minutes walk.
Kanazawa Sea Side Line, Torihama Station → 9 minutes walk.

BOSTON History

1965BOSTON SHOKAI Co.,Ltd. was founded in Yokohama by Yoichi Yonezawa, as a specialized company of uniform design & planning, manufacturing, sales for Hotels, Restaurants, all food services in Japan.
1974' BON UNI ' brand launched.
As the first time in Japanese uniform industry, We developed series of " Ready-made / Pret-a-porter " uniforms, Started nationwide agency sales.
1981Our sales agency in Japan expanded to 360 companies / stores.
1983BONUNI Co.,Ltd. Osaka was founded.
Focusing on agencies in west Japan, developed systems for faster follow up, planning, design, distribution services.
1984Awarded as a 'Company of excellence ' from Yokohama city.
' BON-JOYFUL ' brand launched.
Cleared the differences between 2 brand's market place and established each brand's identities.
1989BONUNI Apparel Co.,Ltd. was founded.
Built an own garment factory in Hirosaki city ( Aomori prefecture ) to increase production capacity of ladies uniforms.
'B2 ' brand launched.
Introduced series of uniforms that specialized for amusement industries,it became sensation in the uniform industry in Japan.
' B2 ' brand became No.1 in the amusement industry uniform market share in Japan.
Reached to 25% share in Pachinko industry.
BONUNI Co.,Ltd. Fukuoka was founded in Fukuoka city ( Fukuoka prefecture ).
Established management systems for faster follow up, planning, design, distribution services for agencies in Kyusyu, Okinawa, Shikoku, Yamaguchi area.
Built a new head office building in Torihama-town, Kanazawa-ward, Yokohama city.
Awarded as a ' Company of excellence ' from Kanagawa prefecture.
Hiroshi Yonezawa became a president.
Cerebrated 50th year since foundation.

Visit our floors

  • 1st floor : Entrance

    Bright space to well come our visitors.
    Please use internal phone at the front of elevator at 4th floor for your appointment.

  • 1st floor : Distribution center

    2 & 3rd floors : Warehouse for our inventory stocks

    ○ We can send the products on the same day you give us an order.
    ○ You can pick up your items directly from here on the same day of your order too.

  • 4th floor:Our head office with management, planning, design & pattern, accounting departments, plus conference rooms

    ○We can response quickly to your requests.