Brand Concept

Elegant, Playful, Healthy.
Uniform for Spa, Clinic, Beauty Salon.

Spa, Beauty salon = ' Beauty' , Medical spa, Aroma therapy , Clinic = ' Healthy '
Hot spring facility = ' Playful & Relaxing '... We support your healing business with B-Spa collection.

  • Elegance and Class

    Kindness and Omote-nashi (' Fine essence of Hospitality ' in Japanese) are very important nature in this industry. We blend this essence into the wide ranged elegant style. Organic feeling Jersey, natural colored Tunic, feminine one-piece .. From ' Soft and Sweet ' impression to ' Simple and Clean ' work wear .. B-Spa offers diverse styles.

  • Clean. Comfortable.
    Super high-tech.

    Our high-tech fabrics has abilities for extra-sweat absorbing & quick-dry, and worry-free stain resistance. Do you prefer antibacterial fabric ? Yes we have them too, Being tested many times & safety guaranteed. We always have a solution for any needs, any environment.

  • Careful selection of all materials

    Textiles, Interlinings, Yarns, Buttons ... Every detailed materials had been selected by our professional quality controllers. We use materials that only past many tests to clear our criteria. We deliver only products that cleared our sewing standard. We deliver the quality you can trust.

  • Bespoke Uniform

    As industry keep evolving year by year, we never stops to collecting feed backs from our users for deeper analysis on our uniforms & improve them. We evolve with you. Please ask us .. We offer you a solution.
    For more info, please visit ' Bespoke Uniform ' section, or email to info@bonuni.com