Eco Commitment



Boston Group is committed to a sustainable society and environment, and is continuing its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and to carry out socially friendly corporate activities.

Clean energy-sewed uniforms can reduce CO2Our 'Green uniform' support your environmental commitment

Something we can do !

By purchasing tradable Green certificates, our products with Green energy mark, you can support green energy and eco friendly life style from a corporate level.


What is Green Energy ?

Electricity that was generated by natural energy such as biomass, wind, hydraulic power, geothermal heat.

What is natural Energy ?

Energy only from natural phenomenon.
They doesn't have a risk of depletion, also don't create carbon dioxide.

What is the merit to buy Green Energy Uniforms ?

  • Appeal
  • Inspire others
  • Be a Change maker
  • By apply conversion factor, You can convert the electric power on your tradable Green certificates into the CO2 reductions, use it for independent environmental measure or carbon offset.
  • The power generation performance ( kWh ) on your tradable Green certificates shows how much you contributed to support natural energy. It's a wonderful way to appeal your CSR activities.
  • More you save the electric power consumption to sewing your uniforms, you gain more ' environment added value '. By wearing it, you can appeal how much you care for manufacturing process.

Appeal your company's eco-friendly policy
by wearing our Green energy uniforms

This is how it works

※1 What is Green energy certificate ?
It's a certificate of the environmental added value with natural-power generated electricity you used. Authorized agents will issue it only after the third party ( Japan Quality Assurance Organization ) authenticate the value. It's a great and easier way to contribute to the popularization of green energy and the prevention of global warming even you don't have your own green energy generator. More and more companies are paying attention to this new system.

Vegetable ink printed catalogues

Boston group's catalogues are using vegetable inks.
It's so much more eco-friendly than old school chemical inks.

  • It can reduce the occurrence of volatile organic compounds ( VOC ).
  • Better de-inkable performance, easier for recycling, save more water and electricity.
  • Excellent biodegradability , safe for landfills.
  • Their main components are made by plants. Much less consumption of fossil fuels.


Transform to new materials


We collect used uniforms and recycle them into new resources such as automotive interior materials.
In this way, environmental load is much less than thermal recycling ( Energy recovery ).
Until now, recycling rate in the textile industry has only been a few %.
There wasn't much consideration about the disposal method after usage of the products.
That's why we wanted to make our own action. We built all-in-one-cycle system - from product planning, manufacturing, distribution to the collection of used items and recycling. We make a real change.

  • There are 2 recovery routes : Clients → Us or Clients → Recycle counter → Us.
  • If you want us to issue the certificate, of course we can. Just let us know.
【 Important note 】
  •  Please wash items ( home washing is OK ) before you return them.
  • If you will post them to us, please let us know minimum a week before of the arrival date. You can contact to ' Recycle counter '

Contact us for more infos

Material Recycle Uniform


Polyester fibre is originally produced from petroleum.
However, in our material recycling process, we use recycled polyester fibre made from used PET bottles to make some of our uniforms.
The uniforms made from material recycling are reduce CO2 emissions from the incineration of used PET bottles,
and it's also an effective use of resources without the use of new oil.
It is a recycling-oriented uniform that contributes to the global environment.