Product informations

Sweet Dot #2

A dainty blouse with a choker-like collar and tiny dotted piping.
Styling with a navy blue gold-buttoned vest for a European cinematic look.
The feminine wrapped culottes, which look like a skirt, give it an elegant appeal.

Polka-dot ribbon tie for an extra touch of glamour.
Also Men's vest is available.

Vest(55234-19) Navy ¥14,500+tax
Blouse(54215-81) WhitexNavy Dot ¥11,600+tax
Culottes(52248-94) Grey ¥12,000+tax

Total Price ¥38,100+tax

Other recommendation for this styling
Wrap Culottes(52237-16) Navy dotト ¥12,500+tax
Ribbon Tie(58205-16) Navy dot ¥3,700+tax
Men's Vest(55137-19) Navy ¥15,500+tax

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