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Stretch Tropical #2

Unisex vest with tropical material that is wrinkle resistant.
The closed collar gives it a mannish appeal.

Unisex shirt features tie-like dots accent.
The karat material and button down give a crisp impression.

Also unisex no-tack pants are available in 10 sizes with a hemming function.
Adjustable for any body types.

Oriental mood amusement formal for hotels, bars, restaurants, and more.
From top to bottom, it's an easy co-ordinate for both men and women.

Unisex Vest(15302-99) Black ¥6,600+tax
Unisex Shirt(54359-85) White ¥10,300+tax
Men's adjuster Pants(22303-99)Black ¥4,500+tax

Total Price ¥21,400+tax

Other recommendation for this styling
Unisex Pants(12108-99) Black ¥7,500+tax

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