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Pink Stripe #2

Nouvelle Vague film style pinstriped ladies vest.
The delicate pink lines with dot pattern on the collar is playful.

Unisex shirt feature 2 color dotted accent on the center fly.
Subtle lame stripe body and sleeves adding the hint of glamour.
The flared culottes with yarn-dyed stripes are designed to cover the hipline.

Styling with mixed feminine and mannish vibes.

Ladies Vest(55246-99)Black ¥16,000+tax
Unisex Shirt(53359-85)White ¥9,800+tax
W Wrap Flare Culotte(52250-99)Black ¥12,800+tax

Total Price ¥38,600+tax

Other recommendation for this styling
Unisex Vest(55316-99)Black ¥16,300+tax
Unisex Shirt(54342-81)White ¥11,400+tax

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