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Pink Stripe #1

The delicate pink lines appeal subtle decadence.
Vest feature the dot pattern on the collar.

Unisex shirt with the tie-looking pattern on the fly front.
Wear it with the same pinstripe pants for a slim form.

Ladies vest ( 55246-99 ) is also available.

Unisex vest(55316-99)Black ¥16,300+tax
Unisex Shirts(54342-81)White ¥11,400+tax
One Tuck Pants(52108-99)Black ¥15,000+tax

Total Price ¥42,700+tax

Other recommended items
Ladies Vest(55246-99)Black ¥16,000+tax
Unisex Shirts(53359-85)White ¥9,800+tax

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