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Lame Stripe

The lamé shimmering vest shines from the different angles.
Men's vest is also available, so it can be worn with both men and women.

The shirt with piping is made of quick-drying, sweat-absorbing stretch fabric.
The color scheme of the cuffs prevents them from getting dirty.

Unisex pants have a one-touch up/down hem and are available in 10 different sizes.
The tropical fabric is wrinkle resistant and stretchy and comfortable.

Add a mannish finish with a tie in the same material as the vest.

Ladies Vest(55217-99)Black ¥15,500+tax
Unisex Shirt(54360-99)White ¥11,600+tax
Unisex Pants(22303-99)Black ¥11,400+tax

Tie(58305-98)Stripe ¥3,400+tax

Total Price ¥30,300+tax

Other recommendation for this styling
Mens Vest(55117-99)Black ¥16,000+tax
W Wrap Culottes(52214-98)Stripe ¥12,300+tax

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