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Feminine blouse with a diamond-shaped neckline and choker-style accents.
The collar and puffed sleeves are adorned with small polka dot print piping.

The simple vest is made of luxurious Kersey and has authentic gold buttons.
Pair it with a rolled culottes in the same material for a suit-like look.
Both items can be washed at home and will not fade over time.

A perfect combination of feminine charm and coolness.

Ladies Vest(55232-99)Black ¥13,500+tax
Wrap Culottes(52212-99)Black ¥11,400+tax

Blouse(54215-81)White ¥11,600+tax

Total Price ¥36,500+tax

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Ladies Vest(55232-19)Navy ¥13,500+tax
W Wrap Culottes(52212-19)Navy ¥11,400+tax
Mens Vest(55132-99)Black ¥14,000+tax
Mens Pants(52102-99)Black ¥14,500+tax
Mens Vest(55132-19)Navy ¥14,000+tax
Mens Pants(52102-19)Navy ¥14,500+tax

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