New ' B2 Digital Catalogue ' is available

2018-2019 New B2 catalogue is ready for down load ! Boston's youngest brand B2 - Always suggesting energetic, fun, kawaii, super modern items. This new catalogue is full of them, plus new items. There is no way you can't find something you want to wear !


●New Items


' Color Knit Shirts '

We used Chidori jacquard textile that very fresh & cool to wear in summer to make this item comfortable & elegant. Also design and color are very pop, so wide ranged coordination is possible.


' Pair Vest '

Renewal with one rank higher luxury and formality. Slim fit design is very detailed and support your movement in a elegant look. Dark black and shinny gray color graduations are perfect for a high-end spaces.


●2018-2019 B2 Catalogue, we added ...

『STYLES』is a section that you can review all our suggeested styling (P.008〜P.029). 『ITEMS』is each textile's LINE UP・Details・Coordinate ideas・Information of fabric(P.030〜P.065).


P.072〜P.91 is『 SHIRTS 』 『 BOTTOMS 』 『 ACCESSORIES 』item pages.