Job Requirement


Boston group is a company
who support hospitality industry to achieve their best
from the uniform maker's view.

Uniform can motivate workers who wears it, can contribute to the culturally diverse society, plus it can establish the brand power and define the identity of the place.
Since our foundation, our mission had been to create stylish ' Best Omotenashi ( Finest hospitality ) ' uniforms for the people who works in the service industry, with best design, finest material, high durability and the functionality.
We are living in the time that there will be more and more diverse demands and needs. And Boston is absolutely determined to keep evolving with those demands. If you are interested to make people happy and motivated, and inspire the society with creativity, join us, let's create the uniforms together for the next generation.

President : Hiroshi Yonezawa

Job Category

< Uniform planning staff >

Project planning for hotels, restaurants, spas etc. It's a creative job that go through the whole process from new product design to the manufacturing.
Also - Market research, Product analysis, Textile development & management、Creates Sample & Promotion material, Conduct a showcase meeting with our sales agents - It's a very diverse work and demands a lot of your creativity.

< Uniform Designer >

Boston has a large number of inventory uniform stocks for different hospitality industries. We need designers who is capable to handle : Regular item development・Design・Material development・Bespoke uniform project hearing・Site visit with clients・ planning & design & presentation, and more.

For more details and further question, please email to

Working environment

Voice from our staff

In our head office in Yokohama, all departments works in coexistence on the same floor. Vibe is friendly and open, and the speedy discussion and the decision making is possible.
This comfortable atmosphere definitely makes magic to create the best uniforms.
For more details about our office, please go to ' About Us ' section.

  • Expand your world by meeting people

    Though the uniform creation, you will visit so many different hospitality scenes and meets people who works there. From the luxury hotels and high-end restaurants, to the small businesses, or exciting new amusement outlets or even Ryokan ( Japanese traditional hotel ) or Izakaya ( Traditional pub ). Our clients are so diverse and there are the different demands from each clients. But if you can enjoy to create concept and planning to make their vision come true, then it will expand your world and can deepen your view, and ultimately it brings the richness into your life. Team work is also the strength of Boston too.

  • Planning & Design for a new era

    How we can help all workers to get more motivated and being happy in their work scenes ? How could we do more for them ? This is our unchanged theme. Of course the trends and the demands are always changing with time, so we have to be flexible in mind and capable with the technical, design ability. It's a hard job of course, but so exciting at the same time.