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 Nikko, one of the leading tourist destinations in the Kanto region, is not only rich in nature, but also has many historic buildings. We have been commissioned to design the uniforms for Fufu Nikko, a resort hotel where guests can enjoy Tamozawa's private spring & seasonal cuisine while feeling the romance of the Meiji & Taisho eras, when Japan was on the path to modernisation.

CASE2 : Resort Hotel

Our Story

Fusion of classical and modern

A graceful space surrounded by greenery, where the murmur of the river, the chirping of birds & the seasonal changes in atmosphere delight the eye.

In keeping with the Resort's concept of
' Noble & Graceful moments ', We were also requested the brown gold, the brand colour of Fufu Nikko, to be used as a point of reference.

Bespoke Items


Polyester 100%

The custom-made jackets, waistcoats & trousers are all made from high-quality wool-like material with a wooden texture. They also have excellent stretch properties.
Authentic notched lapel with brand-coloured piping on the upper collar.
The silhouette is very sophisticated too.

Women's jackets have a beautiful form around the waist.

The clean, notched lapel allows for a wide range of coordinated innerwear, including simple shirts or blouses. The upper collar and cuffs are piped for a simple yet elegant appearance.

:Textile Memo:

100% polyester, wool-like material with a luxurious feel.

In addition to 360° stretchability, it is durable, quick-drying & wrinkle-resistant. It is an easy-care functional material that can be washed at home & does not require ironing.

Tailor-made items made from fabrics that maintain a neat look & comfort at once provide excellent support for busy hoteliers.

:Custom Point :

Piping on upper collar

(Men's / Women's)

Fufu's brand colour Brown-gold piping on the upper collar.

The moderate accent creates a noble impression.


:Custom Point :

Waist pockets

(Men's / Women's)

Flap protected & an easy-to-use diagonal design.

:Custom Point :

Inner pockets

(Men's / Women's)

Three internal pockets for mobile phones, notepads & pens with ease.

Functional support for busy hoteliers.


:Custom Point :

Side Vents

(Men's / Women's)

Two cuts on either side allow for easy movement & no pressure around the hips.

They can be kept from spreading to the sides as you move, giving you a simple, clean and elegant look.


Polyester 100%

Stand collar with branded piping.

Modern style with a romantic & noble impression of the Meiji / Taisho periods.

Elegant ladies vest with a moderately curved open collar.

Both men's & women's clothing has a tailstock at the back for a sleek silhouette.

:Custom Point :

Collar piping

(Men's / Women's)

Piping in brown-gold, the brand's colour, provides a striking accent.



Polyester 100%

These trousers are made from the same high quality wool-like material as the jacket and best.

With a leg-skimming silhouette, the men's trousers have an adjuster for easy adjustment of the waist size.

:Custom Point :



With an adjuster for easy waist size adjustment.

Accessories 1

Salon Apron

Polyester 100%

The fabric has excellent water & oil repellency and is resistant to water, oil & other stains,. Any stains that do appear are easily washed out.

"Stain-resistant" & "Washable"
The high performance of "bleach-resistant" & "static-resistant" makes it easy to care for and keeps it clean.

Accessories 2

Pocket Chief

A brown-gold pocket chief adds an elegant touch.


After delivering the uniforms made to order this time, we received valuable feedback from the person in charge of the Kato Pleasure Group / Fufu Nikko.

Q : When introducing the uniform, please tell us about the theme, design, & necessary features you requested.
A : We requested a motif based on the concept of the inn, " Noble Fragrance, Elegant Moments "
The brand colour of Fufu-Nikko is brownish-gold, so we asked them to incorporate that colour as a point of reference. We also emphasized the ease of movement & usability necessary for business purposes.

Q: How were the proposals & responses to your actual initiatives with us?
A : We were treated with great care during the filming of this project, which made it a very pleasant experience. We are grateful for your frequent communication & precise instructions on our requirements, which allowed us to proceed with the project with a sense of security.

Q : How do you feel when you actually wear the uniforms? Please tell us about your comfort & what you like about it.
A : I like the design because it doesn't fall apart and feels simple and luxurious. I am very satisfied with the high functionality of both the jacket & the waistcoat, which have convenient pockets on the inside.

Q : How has the uniform motivated your staff?
A : When all staff members wear the bespoke uniform to work, it boosts morale & keeps them on their toes. I think it is good that the design suits everyone, regardless of gender, height, or body type.

Q : We hope that our uniforms have helped your company's branding.
A : This graceful uniform, which fits in well with the inn, is highly appreciated by the staff as well as customers. Thank you for helping us improve our branding.

Q : Do you have any further wishes or requests for Boston in the future? Please give us your opinions on uniform improvements, new proposals, operational aspects, or anything else.。
A : Uniforms are very important to the impression of an institution. We look forward to continuing to work with you to produce great uniforms.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to fill out this survey!


ZIP 321−1434

1573-8 Honmachi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi

TEL : 0570-0117-22
General Reservation Center

The mountains clothed in the vivid colors of the four seasons, the soft & delicate water that moistens this land, the sacred air of the Tabozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, the Nikko Resort, located in this open & sacred land, has power in the ground, healing & invigorating the minds & bodies of its guests.

No two "FUFU" are the same.

There are many thoughts and stories behind the "fufu" that you will enjoy here in Nikko.

Welcome to FUFU Nikko


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