Bespoke Uniform

Total Produce System
  • Our in-house designers and technical staff are ready to form a special project team for you anytime.
    With years of experience, our team can gives you step-by-step support to make your dream uniforms come true.
  • As a first step, Designers will visit the location to see the interiors. Then We will check & study your competitors in the surrounding area too for the detailed analysis. These informations will help us to design truly unique & effective uniform that will be perfectly match to your establishment, plus appeal the differences with others.
  • Our technical staff will apply the ideas from the ' Functionality・Durability ' point of view, and combine with your detailed requests to make comfortable, yet stylish items.
    Please email to for further question.

Step 1

Hearing Session

Let us know all the details of your needs. We are happy to visit to your site too.

Presentation〈 Design・Materials 〉

We will show you the concept work & Design drawing.
※We will give you a quotation with the price and delivery date at this point.

Step 2


We will make a pattern from approved design to make a dimensional sample model. Then keep study on it and improve more for the better functionality, comfort, and the look.

Step 3

Final approval & Mass Production

After you approve the final design & the price, we will place it as an official order.
Then the production of your Bespoke uniform begins...


After our quality controllers in the factory checked the quality and approved them, we will ship them to your each outlets directly.


Express ' Omotenashi ' in style

' Omotenashi ' Mean ' Fine essence of the Hospitality ' in Japanese, just like a ' Umami '( Essence of the deep taste ) in the culinary world. Express the spirit of Omotenashi in style - This is our passion that never changed.
We will put all skills we earned to your project.

Technical Staff

Commitment & Idealism

How can we combine these 3 most important ingredients in a uniform - Functionality & comfort as a work wear, Beautiful silhouette, and Sophisticated design - in the highest level ? Our skilled pattern-makers and technical staff never stops to analyzing products to get improved, to evolve. Create an ultimate uniform for you .. is our commitment.