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Code #044

Our long seller high-tech Samue ' Kazagoshi' series.
Secret of popularity is Home-wash & No-iron ( Easy care ),
lightweight and cooling effect, 5 colors.
You can enjoy Kimono styling with a wrap skirt as well.
Ultimate traditional Japanese coordination items.

Brand : Wa-No-Kaze

Mens Total Price ¥18,100+tax

Samue top (41305-99) Black ¥7,300+tax

Samue pants(42305-99) Black ¥7,300+tax

Maekake apron(09155-01) Kon-blue ¥3,500+tax

Ladies Total Price ¥20,000+tax

Samue top (41305-79) Cha-brown ¥7,300+tax

Samue pants(42202-79) Cha-brown ¥5,400+tax

Maekake apron(09154-01)Kon-blue ¥3,900+tax

Japanese belt(98217-39)Yellow ¥3,400+tax

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