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Top hoteliers are the dedicating professionals
to develop their style of hospitality.
Bonuni's Knit Stripe suits series are using special textile
for business formal wear to support their journey.

Brand : Bonuni

Mens Total Price ¥51,500+tax
Jacket (11130-99) Black ¥29,000+tax
Shirts(14112-81) White ¥3,900+tax
Slacks(12115-99) Black ¥15,800+tax
Tie(98120-71)Champagne gold ¥2,800+tax

Ladies Total Price ¥57,300+tax
Jacket (11230-99) Black ¥28,000+tax
Blouse(14216-81) White ¥9,800+tax
Skirt(12230-99)Black ¥9,800+tax

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