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Code #039

New unisex stretch-shirts series & Herringbone maekake aprons.
Water resist shiny texture gives luxury tone.
Shirts are low price yet 10 sizes available !

Brand : Bonjoyful

Mens Total Price ¥13,600+tax
Shirts (24311-81) White ¥3,500+tax
Slacks (12116-99) Black ¥6,900+tax
Maekake Apron(27331-79)Brown ¥3,200+tax

Ladies Total Price ¥13,600+tax
Shirts (24311-99) Black ¥3,500+tax
Pants (12206-99) Black ¥6,900+tax
Maekake Apron(27331-28)Enji-red ¥3,200+tax

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