The BONUNI digital catalogue 2022 Now Available

BONUNI digital catalogue 2022 has been uploaded with the theme "A suitable dress for every worker". BON UNI", "BON JOYFUL", "B-spa" and "Wafu" are proposed in this catalogue.

1- BON JOYFUL for cafes and dining rooms.
2- WONOKAZE for Japanese-themed restaurants and sweet shops.
3- Formal brand BON UNI for hotels, bridal and high-class restaurants
4- B-SPA for esthetic, spa, clinic and other relaxation-related specialty shops

The four brands offer a wide variety of designs for all-round use.
We can offer you a one-of-a-kind coordination that perfectly matches your concept.

New product line up
◉ Denim on denim coordinate, casual and stylish! The "Denim Style Series" is a new line of items to expand your coordination.
◉ "Basic shirts with budget friendly price range. Flexible combination, High stretch, Wide range of sizes .. So many option for your total coordination.
◉ "High quality herringbone apron", "Striped apron" with elegant stripe and many coordinating items. And "Campus apron" with popular campus fabric and many new colours.
◉ "Anytime, anywhere, for anyone " .. White shirts that can be freely selected" "Men's: S to 5L" "Women's: 5 to 21" and standard regular shirts are now available in a wide range of sizes!
 It is a highly functional and easy care shirts that focuses on ease of movement, comfort, and ease of handling, assuming every scene in the workplace.

A new denim series "Banshuori / Washi Denim" using "Washi ( Japanese traditional paper ) yarn" which is light and comfortable to wear all year round!
 This denim-style shirt can be worn stylishly without sacrificing the "Japanese" atmosphere. In addition to the Japanese-style tailored shirt and the Japanese-style shirt, we have a Maekake, a Japanese hat and a bandana cap in the same material.
 We have a variety of items to make your coordination fun!

our 2022 catalogue is full of products that BON UNI is proud to present and propose to you.
Please have a look.

The digital catalogue can be printed, searched and even shared via QR or LINE!
If you save the app, you can view the catalogue anytime, anywhere!
We hope you enjoy it!