New ' B2 Catalogue ' Available now.

『 Are you happy with your uniform?』is theme for 〝B2〟new catalogue, wide ranged design for all amusement facilities. in 2017-18 Catalogue, you can see the real matching with virtual store image decors and our catalogue uniforms.   「 For our site renovation, we need bright, fun uniforms that motivate workers to well come guests with positive feeling ・・・」 「 Need uniforms that easy to move around for hours, plus easy to maintenance ・・」 「 We want to coordinate styling for each section, position, Men's & Ladies .. Any wide ranged line up for this ? 」 Absolutely no problem !   We answer to these voices with 2017-18 B2 catalogue. You can see : ・Conservative ( Simple & Elegant ) ・Premium( Casual chic for mature individual ) ・Traditional ( Classy & Stylish ) ・Fantasy ( Magic item to transform the spaces ) You can see many our stock items in the above 4 different type of interiors to see how it makes a magic. Also there are special pages with :   ◎ Shirts・Bottom・Accessories with special featured high functionality.(070-091)   ◎ Bespoke Uniform - Let's start from textile ... (064-069) Many famous brands featuring this high tech printed textile「 Mona-Lisa®」. By applying diverse color with ten thousand variations and high tech printing method, this print textile has a fabric like quality. It's a print material, so we can apply your original / favored patterns. ( B2 has 12 print patterns to offer you. ) Our in house designers can suggest you bespoke uniform that doesn't exist anywhere else. For more details, please visit ' Bespoke Uniform ' section, or email to