○ Allow us to form a special team of our very best designers and technical staff to bring your vision to life.
○ We start by analyzing your concept and researching the feel of your property, we also research the competitors in your area. After studying this information, design work begins.
○ Our technical staff will find the best solutions on durability and functionality for your needs, to create outstanding comfort and a long-lasting product.
Placing your Order and Discussing the concept
Tell us exactly what your requirements are, including all special requests or any other ideas you may have.
Presentation ( Selection of designs and fabrics )
We will show you the basic concept work and design drawings, along with price and delivery times.  

Sample presentation
We will make a sample from your chosen design, after which we can discuss the fine points in more detail so as to reach perfection. 

Design Confirmation and Maniacture
You confirm the design and our factory will begin the manufacturing process.
After our quality control staff check all products, we will deliver them to each of your each outlets directly. 

We want our garments to reflect the highest standards in Hospitality as passion in all detail is something we have proudly developed over the years.
We want to achieve the highest standards in contemporary design with maximum functionality and durability in your uniforms, while never sacrificing the beauty of the cut- each garment must display a stunning silhouette!

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