Maintenance Guide measurement

For your garments to last longer and remain in top condition, please care for them according to instructions:

Wash separately

Please wash whites and coloreds separately.

Extremely soiled garments should be washed separately as well.

Washing Instructions

Be aware of bleach detergent
Please check your washing powder / liquid as detergents containing bleach may cause your uniforms to loose color.

Take care with the amount of detergent
Too much and it can remain after the wash and cause damage to the fabric, creating holes and rips.
Skin irritation can also occur.

Use Quick spin-dry
Long spin-drying can cause damage such as wrinkles. 20 seconds to 1 minutes is enough for thin materials.
Also don't leave them in a wet condition, color may be transferred to other garments so hang them correctly after drying.


Use a dryer only when you need to.
Intense heat can damage your uniform, so be careful not to use a dryer repeatedly.
Choose the optimal time and temperature for each textile to avoid excessive drying.
Avoid leaving them in the dryer after it’s stopped, to much exposure to excessive heat can cause wrinkles and shrinking.
It’s important to take them out once the process is finished!

From washing to rinse, spin-dry and hanging .. Keeping things quick is key to maintaining your uniforms in tip top condition.
Leaving them wet and winkled can create problems.
We know you are busy and prefer the quick and easy wash, but with just a bit more extra care your uniforms can stay looking great and comfy for a long time…. so please try !

Washing mark

Different textiles need different care. Please check the washing mark for long term use.
Each products has JIS standard pictorial indication.
Please take care of your uniforms accordingly.

Keep water temperature below 40℃ with.

Keep water temperature below 40℃, use washing machine in soft mode or hand wash softly.

Keep water temperature below 30℃, use washing machine in soft mode or hand wash softly. Keep water temperature below 30℃, hand wash. ( Do not use washing machine )

You can dry launder. Use perchlorethylene or petroleum.

You can dry laundry. Use petroleum.
Don't use dry laundry. Do not use Chlorine bleach.
Press with a damp cloth.

Press with high temperature ( 180℃ ~ 210℃ maximum ).

Press with mid temperature ( 140℃ ~ 160℃ maximum ). Press with low temperature ( 80℃ ~ 120℃ maximum ).
Hand squeeze gently, or quick spin-dry. Do not hand squeeze.

Dry hanging is recommended.

Do not hand squeeze.