WA-NO-KAZE ( Japanese Style )

Brand Concept

WA-NO-KAZE ~ Traditional Japanese style with modern twists

' WA-NO-KAZE ' mean ' Wind from Japan '.
It's a specialized brand for Japanese restaurants, Sushi & Fine Dinning, Asian fusion eatery, Izakaya ( Japanese traditional pub ),
or Asian food courts & Shops in the department store, Fast food outlets, Station cafeteria, Hot spring facility ...
You can add modern ' Japanese ' touch into your place with WA-NO-KAZE collection.

  • High-Tech & Traditional

    Our best seller ' Samue ' series - It's a traditional working wear in Japan, but we re-invented with high-tech fabrics for super functionality. Also we selected traditional colors that were inspired by the nature and four seasons in Japan. Quaint, Elegant and Sophisticated yet modern - They express whole new ideas to be traditional.

  • Super Easy Care

    ' Comfort ' and ' Easy maintenance ' was also the theme to develop WA-NO-KAZE collection. Fabric with cooling effect and lightness, Knit with extra sweat absorbing & quick dry ability, Home wash & No iron & wrinkle free, etc ... Our Samue and Shirts are super easy to take care & feel so comfy & last long !

  • Careful selection of all materials

    Textiles, Interlinings, Yarns, Buttons ... Every detailed materials had been selected by our professional quality controllers. We use materials that only past many tests to clear our criteria. We deliver only products that cleared our sewing standard. We deliver the quality you can trust.

  • Coordinate your own style

    Shirts, Samue, Wa-boshi ( Japanese hat ), Apron ... We designed wide ranged items to be matched together easily. Also friendly print patterns are suitable for any space, never disturb the atmosphere of your establishment.